Styrotopia    (de|en) 

Short film with Markus Bühler, 14 min
Baumgartenstipendium 2012

We wanted to know where the magic cure comes from that's about to save the world. The stuff that trickles out of our homes once the plaster starts crumbling. We dreamt of miles and miles of pipes coming from big oil refinerys and leading to majestic Styrofoam factories.

We dreamed of worms, birds and beavers that would find new habitats in the foam and of prospectors that would hunt Styrofoam like gold dust, staking their claims on newly constructed buildings.

Eventually there is this old myth about a new continent that's swimming in the middle of the pacific ocean - dancing upon the waves and bearing up against all winds. It's said to be entirely made of colorful plastic and bigger than Australia. We want to follow the white fluffs from their end to their source -

- come with us to Styrotopia!

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B Ltd., styfoam processing

          N&N ltd., styroform liquidation and recycling
          BASF corperation, production of precursors to styrofoam