Sonderschutzstelle       (en|de)

Intervention with Anton Steenbock,
200 Letters to upper class elites of the city,
200 signallers, displays and ear protection dispensers with thousands of ear protection, website and telephone computer

Jena 2012

The “Sonderschutzstelle” takes action in Dezember 2012 as a fictive civil protection agency. Its aim is to warn the citizens of Jena against special dangers and the eventual end of the world. First a website ( and a bureaucratic telephone computer is set up. Then 200 letters with warnings and means of protection are sent to the city's elites.

Some days later the ear protection dispensers and informative displays are installed on squares and in public space to inform the public at large. The instructions are prompting citizens to carry ear protection at their person at any time and to always take care of acustic warnings. In case of an alarm citizens are requested to seek shelter and to insert ear protection in order to simmer apocalypse's big bang in peaceful silence.

On December 21 2012 sharply at 7:00 o'clock it starts beeping in the whole city simultaneously. The signals keep on for one hour.

Viligant citizens immediately call fire fighters and the police. "Please come, it is beeping!" they say. Saying this in German also means "Please come, I'm becoming insane." The officers that come running inform the intelligence service straightaway because the abbrevation of the Sounderschutzstelle is SSS wich resembles SS. Then the police officers open the signallers and find alarm clocks.

In the afternoon police gives all-clear signal on the public radio.

Already in the early evening hours groups of elderly men are ganging up on the streets. They walk along the trying hard to rip the signallers off the walls in order to restore public order.


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Police Report of the Federal Police Inspection Jena:
"Yesterday a very official looking letter arrived in public administration and institutions. Sender is the so-called Sonderschutzstelle. The letter informs about signals for todays Friday in the area of Jena. It also gives citizens advices of how to keep on sleeping and how to close their ears. Well. Today it started beeping all over the city. The beeping houses are equipped with signallers that look similar to bigger switches. The loud beeping can be heard in many places. So far we cannot tell who placed those signallers. We are about to sort this out. From the Federal Police Inspection Jena: Steffi Koppe"

Local Television Live Broadcast:
"Who was wondering where this weird beeping came from between six and eight on todays way to work will have passed one of these strange distribution boxes. These boxes were distributed all over the city many of them attached to buildings. Inside the boxes was a ordinary alarm clock that could be heard even through the walls of houses it was attached to. The operation was realized by the so called Sonderschutzstelle that already gave out warnings of acustic signals beforehand."



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                screenshot of the website of Sonderschutzstelle,       200 Letters to the city's elites, important persons are warned first.
  Pictogram explaining what to to in special dangers.
      officers of the Sonderschutzstelle setting up informative displays in the early morning 
             officers of the Sonderschutzstelle installing signallers in the hours before doomsday. (200 Signallers)
      informative displays and ear protection dispenser are beeing installed around the city center of Jena
           ear protection dispenser
   concerned citizens are informing themselves

  Signaller 074/200
   Signaller 009/200
  Signaller 084/200
  Signaller 129/200
  Signaller 097/200
  Signaller 102/200
  Signaller 054/200   Signaller 183/200
   Signaller 110/200    Signaller 91/200    Signaller 021/200    Signaller 146/200    Signaller 003/200   Signaller 046/200    Signaller 200/200    Signaller 169/200    Signaller 101/200    Signaller 001/200    Signaller 137/200        local news articles explaying the occurences