Nämlichkeitsklärung   (de|en) 

drawing, digital print on aluminum
156,5 x 27 cm
Wuttke Collection

Berlin, 2015

Silence, except for the whirring fan, somewhere a child squeaks and whispers in a foreign language tries to calm down. The large windows stand open but nothing moves the warm, moist air. A grumpy throat. The room is as big as a small gym and packed to the brim with people, none of whom is moving. The line winds its way up to the room-dividing counter. The large portrait behind it shows an old man, right next to it in the wall there is a hatch made of stainless steel. An officer in a light green uniform sits in front of it. Right behind the officer, a dark-skinned businessman takes a seat at the antique personal computer.

"Here you go" the uniform yodels, disgustingly friendly. A woman steps at the counter, she has been bobbing her child for two hours. She bends down to him and, in a whisper, hands over an envelope. "A gift" he repeats laughing loudly and activates the white switch. The little door behind him jumps open, a hand in the same uniform reaches for the envelope and the hatch closes again. "I' ll give you a present right away" he whispers and licks his finger. With a wink he pushes something over and already dedicates himself to the next customer. "Here you go!" In her hand she finally now also holds a sticky waiting number.



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